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Trying to figure out what my own “lovemark” is for this assignment was rather challenging. I don’t feel as if I’m “loyal beyond reason” to any particular brand. I don’t own an iPhone (and I don’t care to), I don’t wear Nike to work out (I pretty much look like I’m in pajamas at the gym, which occurs rarely) and I’m not particularly fond of Starbucks (anything with caffeine will do). Mmmmm…caffeine….soda….Coke!! I have loved Coca-Cola since I was a child and even though I’ve tried to cut soda out of my diet completely, every once in awhile I’ll slip up but only for a Coke. Usually when I’m out to eat. But if I say “I’ll have a coke.” (and I snicker to myself because it’s a Boondocks Saints reference that too few get) and the server says, “Is Pepsi ok?” I kind of take offense…because its not ok, its not the same, it is not a Coke. In my mind and in my mouth, its about the taste, BUT it could also be their marketing, their fun, whimsical commercials; the implied happiness. Maybe that’s what first struck me as a child, Santas and puppies and cartoony polar bears. Or it could be hereditary, my mom will only drink Diet Coke, she will bring a gas station soda into a restaurant if they serve Pepsi products. I have seen this and it is as embarrassing as it sounds. Now, the commercials are getting even better. They don’t just have cartoons that imply family time togetherness, they are clever and imply togetherness as a whole, as a community, as a universe. Here’s a cute one from a couple years ago…

These commercials are funny, they make you happy. Therefore, if you drink Coke you will be happy and become part of something, something bigger…the Coca-Cola universe! I also checked out their website which is actually pretty cool. I never thought I’d look at the website for a soda, even one I love this much. There is happiness all over the place at so now I might have become even more loyal, perhaps beyond reason.