Don’t Be a Creep, Switch to Satellite

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Who would you rather be?  Rob Lowe or super creepy Rob Lowe?  Do you want Directv or do you want to watch people swim when your cable goes out?  This is a hilariously entertaining example of the Appeal to Celebrity fallacy.  I would venture to say most people know who Rob Lowe is but for anyone who lives under a rock doesn’t he is an actor who has been around since the 80’s.  He has been in movies, TV shows and was part of the infamous “Brat Pack.”  Currently, he is the always peppy Chris Traeger in Parks and Recreation.  He also is pretty ridiculously good looking, in my opinion, so if you can consider that a skill, he’s got it.

Does Rob Lowe actually use Directv as his television service provider?  Maybe.  Apparently his alter-egos, Super Creepy Rob Lowe, Less Attractive Rob Lowe, Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe, Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe and Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe all suffer with their cable TV service.  Let’s be honest, its a little ridiculous.  At the end of the commercial, the non-creepy, normal-haired, good-looking Rob Lowe says, “Don’t be like this me.  Get rid of cable and upgrade to directv.”  Normal Rob Lowe has a top-of-the line entertainment system in his immaculate home.  The other Rob Lowes have old-fashioned TVs (if it shows a TV at all) in their dingy houses.  Just because we watch Rob Lowe on TV does not make him an expert on television service providers.  Normal Rob Lowe does provide information about the satellite service, which is surely in a script given to him to recite.  However, even though Mr. Lowe most likely did not come up with this information on his own, one can’t help but pay attention to this commercial.  It is one of the more eye-catching, humorous commercials on TV which is what directv wanted.  Rather than tuning out as one would do through most commercials, you stop and watch.

Its hard to say at the moment whether the commercials are actually having the effect of getting cable customers to switch to directv.  In the 3rd quarter, directv reported a loss of 28,000 subscribers, however the commercials had just begun airing.  One thing is certain, these commercials are certainly garnering attention.  They’ve been shared, tweeted and liked.  On YouTube alone they have half a million views, with Less Attractive Rob Lowe being the most popular at over 300,000 views.  I know I’m not planning on switching to directv any time soon simply because I enjoy their commercials (they are far superior to Cable One’s commercials).  I know just because I have cable doesn’t make me creepy or less attractive.  However, I think just getting viewers to pay attention to a commercial for the entertainment value can trick them into hearing your message and that’s pretty much the whole point of advertising. Right?

I will leave you with my favorite of these ads…


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